About Me

Since before I knew it, I have been practicing social work.  As a child I was quiet and often observed situations.  I found it was easier to read people through observation.  I also continuously found myself wanting to be around those in need.  Whether it was volunteering in the Autism classroom as an elementary student, or getting the preschoolers off the bus I preferred to be helping, and fortunately that trait stayed with me. 

As time went on, my experiences continued to accumulate and I began working at homeless shelters and hospitals while simultaneously studying psychology.  Suddenly I found myself sitting in front of my college counselor my senior year waiting to be advised on what to do next.  My counselor looked at me with a puzzled expression and said, "Kathleen you've been doing social work since the day I met you, now you just have to make it official." So I did, and I completed my Master's of Social Work at University of Southern California.  Afterwards I remained in California and worked in a critical care hospital, schools, and a non profit helping homeless families. 


However, with time I made my way back to New Jersey and fulfilled the Director of Social Services position at an acute care hospital, and then began working on school district's Child Study Teams. 

However, despite working in various locations with an array of populations,  I too have faced my own struggles and believe social work has allowed me to grow and be a better wife, mother, friend and overall clinician.  Therefore, I do truly long to help and serve those in need, to be a person who listens when no one else does,  and to be a constant when everything is inconsistent.