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About Me

Social work has always been a passion of mine.  As a child, I remember observing situations, because I found it was more helpful.  I also found myself wanting to be with those in need.  Therefore at a young age, I began volunteering at different locations and found I felt a sense of belonging.

As time went on, my experiences continued to accumulate and I worked at homeless shelters and hospitals while simultaneously studying psychology.  After college, I completed my Master's of Social Work at the University of Southern California and stayed in California working in critical care hospitals, schools, and a nonprofit. 


Eventually, I returned to New Jersey and fulfilled the Director of Social Services position at an acute care hospital, and worked on various school districts' Child Study Teams. 

Although I have enjoyed all the work I have done Kathleen Wright, LLC has become a special place where people continue to find themselves, gain new perspectives, and feel whole again. 



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